A Heart wide open

When you open your Heart, everybody has their place in it. You are connected with all Human Beings, all Animals, and Nature. You can feel that we are all one, and that everything is connected.

I remember how much Love I felt when I was a Child. I literally loved everybody and everything. And I also remember, how much Pain I felt. I could feel if somebody was full of love, living their truth, or if someone was hiding, fighting, struggling painfully, behind the walls he or she had set up around them.

Why we close our Hearts

Today I must say that I, too, had times in which I closed my Heart down. Because I felt that Life had hit me hard. Because of several sudden losses I couldn´t cope with. Because of always wanting to love and support others, and being rejected nonetheless. There were even times in which I just couldn´t understand why Life had to be so tough on me.

Living with a closed Heart

It is very painful to live with a closed Heart (even when you´re not conscious of it). Because then you are just not how you are meant to be. Something important is missing, and you don´t know what. You start chasing things, ideas, visions, and yet, nothing of this fulfills you truly, deeply, or for a longer time. You start wondering what might be the one thing that makes you happy, and chase it with all you might. And then the next thing. But it still doesn´t make you happy.

Opening your Heart again

To let the walls down and open your Heart again, it needs courage. Because when you decide that you truly want to go there, you will feel everything again. Everything that made you close your Heart down in the first place. Feelings that you had hidden somewhere in your body will arise. Memories you tried to avoid will show up again.

But this will set you free. And it will open up your sight again for the most beautiful things as well. You will see and feel all the darkness, and all the light. You will feel pain, but also tremendous Joy. You will feel loss, and also unconditional Love.

You will surrender to Life itself. No more fight or resistance. Just flowing with the river of Life, taking it in with all its spectrum, and all its beauty. You will truly fall in Love with Life (again). And that´s the most beautiful thing you could have ever imagined. This is truly Heaven on Earth.

Come and join me! Take a leap of faith and live with your Heart wide open!

I love you!


Cornelia Victoria

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