Give yourself permission to be happy

Isn´t this crazy? So often we are ready to go, all prepared - and then, we back off again. Has this ever happened to you? This feeling of: I am ready, I could go and take a leap now... if only somebody would tell me to jump. Or it might look like this: I feel I´m not ready, I have to prepare more, just in case ... if only somebody would only tell me that I would succeed, then I would go, this very moment

There´s no guarantee

Well, Life does not give us the guarantee that things will work out. Neither will somebody show up out of the blue and tell you to jump. And even if they do, they wouldn´t be entitled to, because only you can and do know when it´s time to take the next leap.

But I totally get it: I´ve been there, too, so many times. I´ve just been so scared of what might happen, fearing another loss or rejection based on former experiences. I´ve felt like if I only prepared enough, if I waited until I was truly ready (or somebody told me that I was ready), then things would work out perfectly. This was the scared little girl inside of me who couldn´t trust Life anymore (and maybe also thought she wasn´t worth it, she wasn´t enough...).

Take responsibility for yourself

The truth is: nobody can save you at this point. Because nobody would have the strength to get you moving if you don´t do it yourself. So why not surrender and give in to the fact that your Life is your own responsibility. And your Life only. Not the Lifes of others. You can very well leave the Belief behind that you should save everybody else and that you carry the responsibility (the weight!!!) for this Earth, its People, the Animals. No, first and furthermost, you have the responsibility for yourself. So it´s your decision if you keep waiting (for clarity, permission, until you´re ready), or if you decide to make your dreams come true now and make yourself happy.

Give yourself permission

You deserve to be happy. Incredibly, sensationally happy. It´s your Life! I believe that we´re all supposed to connect, create and celebrate it with all that we are. Give yourself permission to be happy. Give yourself permission to be successful. Give yourself permission to get going, take the leap, stay at the party, do what makes you happy, create Heaven on Earth and enjoy it! The moment you give yourself permission, you are setting yourself free from the chains you had put on yourself for whichever reason (which does not matter). Spread your wings and fly, you wonderful Being! You are so beautiful, strong and, most of all, you are Love, and you are so very much loved! Enjoy this ride! You have always deserved it, and now it´s time to give yourself the permission live the happy and fulfilling Life you have always dreamed of. Heaven is right here! Enjoy, loved one!

I love you!


Cornelia Victoria

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