Go for it all!

If you don´t go for all, don´t go.

Isn´t it crazy how we have learned to hold ourselves back? To be so scared of being truly, fully happy? To be afraid to have it all? Do you know this feeling? Life is knocking at your door, and you can sense that it´s beautiful out there? And then, you open the door just a little bit, feel the fresh air and a wonderful, loving breeze - and then, you jump back again?

Life offers you everything...

It´s true. Life has everything you have ever wished for. There was just something inside of you that thought that maybe you were not enough, didn´t deserve it, had to hold back because of others, or .... or ... or...

And then, when opportunities were knocking at your door (which I´m sure they did!) you didn´t take them. You stayed behind the door, scared as you were, and didn´t open. Or slammed it close, just in case there might be something dangerous out there.

Who has ever told you that Life was scary? That all there was was loss, rejection, or failure? Why didn´t they tell you as well how beautiful Life is? How much Love, Abundance, Connection is waiting for you? How happy you would be out there, if you let go of trying to control the outcome of events, other people, if you could just trust? just have to take it!

Imagine what would happen if, only for a split second, you would leave everything behind you ever believed, learned, carried on from your ancestors? Imagine you would trust just for this very second and go for it? Not just for the tiny little successful life, but for everything? In all areas of your life? If you accepted the abundance of life exactly as it is? If you reached out , took the leap and enjoyed the ride?

Can you feel the tickling inside? The curiosity? The emerging happiness? This giggle which is coming up from very deep inside because your Soul knows it´s the right thing to do? The smile on your face and the feeling that all is possible? The deep joy which fills your Heart the moment you imagine to take all the opportunities and just say YES to Life?

Go for it all!

You CAN have it all! You can have this truly happy, joyous, abundant Life you always sensed so very close and yet unreachable. You just have to take one decision. The decision that your Life can change in one split second. It can turn around and be so very beautiful that you can´t stop smiling and wanting to hug the whole world. All your dreams can and will come true if you decide to go for it all.

And you deserve it! You deserve it just as much as everybody else. You don´t have to keep working on you, optimizing, trying to learn more and get better. Because you are perfect just the way you are. And, deep inside, you know that. You are imperfectly perfect. You are loved just the way you are. Just because you are.

Take the leap and go for it all! I´m at your side to support you!

I love you!


Cornelia Victoria

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