How to make the (seemingly) Impossible possible

Have you ever thought about what makes your Heart (and Soul) sing? I mean not just a little humming, but a loud, clear and happy melody that makes you feel truly alive (and kickin´ ;-))?

For me, it´s always been to make the (seemingly) Impossible possible. Because, honestly, I´ve never felt that anything was impossible.

If you can dream it, you can do it

This is what Walt Disney knew. Marco Polo did as well. Cristopher Columbus. And so many others. They knew that everything was possible, if they could only imagine it. And they were courageous enough to go all the way. To start with a dream, to invite supporters, and then to go and make the dream reality. They adapted with what showed up on the way, and by co-creating with something bigger than themselves their visions turned out to even surprise them by the grandeur and impact of the outcome. This is exactly what we talk about when we walk into the Unknown: we have a vision which leads us to one step after the other. And even if we can´t see the form of the outcome, we can feel the qualities of what we´re about to create.

Let´s forget what we know and co-create something new

We always try to understand, to mould our visions into a form that our mind understands. But our mind only relates to past experiences. This means: if we haven´t experienced something like this yet, we can´t imagine it with our minds. So I would like to invite you to forget what you thought you knew and open up to other guides not yet established so much in our society: our feelings. To focus on the qualities of our visions instead of the form. Open ourselves up to co-creating with others: listen to their feedback, discuss our visions, combine old and new ideas and reach the highest form of creativity by co-creating something new by uniting different people / minds / ideas / cultures / stories / experiences and inspiring each other.

Let´s play again

When did they tell us that play was something we should leave behind? When did we start to believe that we had to produce and "to do" and to function all the time? Let´s remember how important it is to play, to create with love and ease, to invite others to play with you, to enjoy the process of play and creation! Let´s decide to play again. To see how easy, how much at home it feels to go with the flow. To give and receive, to create and destroy, to go with the circle of Life!

Life is so much more fun when we decide to take off all the heaviness of responsibilities and "to dos" from our shoulders and create light-heartedly, with an open Heart and Mind and on the basis of True Love.

Who´s in for playing?

I love you!


Cornelia Victoria

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