Start from Curiosity

Life is so wonderful, so interesting, so amazing. And there have been times in which I loved the Unknown. When I was a little kid, I always admired people like Christopher Columbus, who just took their boats and went out to explore something new. In those time I didn´t know what they would do to American Natives after they arrived, so I just saw this very brave man, who had a bold dream and went to court to convince the king to support him. Do you know that it was the queen who finally believed and supported him?

I read a lot about explorers of different countries, and I was always fascinated by their bold visions and their courage.

Remember your curiosity

Every night in bed I started to travel as well, at least in my mind. I dreamed that my bed could fly. It would take me very high in the skies, looking down on Earth from above, to later land in other countries and meet the people there. Later on I couldn´t other than make these dreams come true and travel as much as I could. Whenever I earned money, I invested it in a flight to another country and stayed there as long as I could with the locals. I wanted to really live and experience the people and how it felt to live there.

Do you remember what you were so curious about that you were drawn to it so intensely? Something which you just had to do, to find out, to explore?

Curiosity as a driving force

After years went by, I thought I had to settle. That life was not about being curious anymore, but about taking responsibility. Most of all after I had children. But then, after my life was torn apart by a stroke of fate, I remembered: Curiosity had always been a driving force for me. Something that made me move even in times life felt too heavy to get into motion. And, to be honest: if I don´t follow my curiosity, I get stuck. I feel overwhelmed. I don´t see the door of the waiting room I tend to rest in since having experienced trauma.

But when I´m curious, I get excited. I get up on my feet and start walking. Then I don´t have to ask permission or wait for anybody or stay hidden for safety reasons. Because curiosity drives me in a very strong way.

Ask bold questions

So what makes you curious? What can you talk about all day? What makes you move even in situations you might think it´s not possible? What do you really want to experience out there?

I´m sure that when you have a bold vision, or an offer, or a speech in your mind, you are curious about experiencing it. That this is your doorway out there. That this gives you the power to stand against all possible adversities and create the life of your dreams. You just have to take the first step. Decide to follow your curiosity and live a bold, fearless life! I know you can do it!

I love you


Cornelia Victoria

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