Take a chance on yourself

Have you secretly been dreaming about something you didn´t do yet? Can you feel it in your Heart that exactly this very thing, this vision, is the one to pursue? Do you maybe even recognize how right now all the dots combine and you are shown the bigger picture? Can you feel that all of your Life has been leading up to this point - and still, you question if you should really do it?

Fear is a bad consultant

Most of us are used to take decisions in their heads. Here they can weigh the pros and cons, compare to former experiences and paint pictures of the future. But here we are also prone to fear. Because we have learned to be afraid of the unknown. We think we should control what´s coming up next, to feel safe and confident. But fear is a really bad consultant. It can paralyze you, it can make you wanting to retreat and hide.

Take a decision from your Heart

Right now it´s not about knowing anymore, but about feeling. Your Heart knows what to do. Your Soul is speaking to you via your Heart. You have this inner knowing of what to do next. And maybe it cannot be explained. Maybe it doesn´t even make sense. And pretty surely you can´t see the whole picture right now. Because it´s something new your brain can´t even think of (because it hasn´t experienced it yet). The new is to evolve step by step when you walk the way. When you connect with your intuition each time before you take the next step, you will know what´s right.

It´s just about the next best step

When you start trusting your inner voice and take inspired action, something interesting happens: suddenly you don´t need to know the form and the outcome of your vision anymore. You just check in with your calling to navigate you step by step. And you start being curious about how things will unfold. Suddenly it feels like this big adventure you´re going on. With all the excitement and joy and curiosity a big adventure holds for you. You will be surprised how beautiful your Life and this Vision will turn out.

Take a chance on yourself and just do it!

I love you!


Cornelia Victoria

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