The revolution is on

Can you feel it? There´s so much change in the air. Isn´t that exciting? Systems that have not served humanity anymore for a long time already start to crumble, People want to know the truth. Platforms like GOOP LAB start publishing episodes about Energy Work, Mediums and alternative Healing Methods. People start to show up to create the new.

Thank your Safe Space

Some of us have been hiding in safe spaces for some time. And this was necessary. We needed this time to process, heal, and feel the security of our anchor point / home. We needed to ground and spread our roots. Otherwise we couldn´t have made the inner transition in such a profound way. It has been an incubation time we can be really thankful for. And we know we have a safe space, a harbor which we can always return to to be still and recharge.

Stand Tall

Even is this might feel a little uncomfortable right now - you have taken enough time, you have explored enough, you have felt enough to know the truth you stand for. You don´t have to question yourself anymore. You know who you are and what you´re supposed to do right now. Even if you can´t see the whole vision yet (wich is normal, because it will evolve while we´re walking the way), you know the next best step to take. So stand tall for what you believe in and start walking!

Rise up and Reach out

Now is the best time to go out there! There are so many like you out there who want to show up and get visible now, too. When you shine your light, you encourage them to do so, too. When you rise up and reach out, they will be happy to respond. Only when you´re visible your Soul-Family can find you and start co-creating with you. So reach out to whoever person, take whichever steps your inner voice tells you to. And trust. Things will work out much more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. Best times are ahead! Go out and enjoy!

I love you!


Cornelia Victoria

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