What are you inviting in your Life?

Can you feel it, too? With some things, old habits, certain relationships, overcome patterns, we are just DONE. Now it´s time for you to ask yourself: what are you inviting instead? Decluttering and having made space means there is a lot of room for the new. And it´s on you to choose how you want to fill it ;-).

Dream big

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. As it is everyday. So what do you want to create? What do you really believe in? And, most of all: What does excite you and really makes you happy? Allow yourself to dream big. Allow yourself to take a second look at the dreams and vision you have had for a long time already: Maybe they will show up on a whole new level - like you have done, too. Your visions upgrade just like you do.

Take time and listen

The visions you receive are coming to you for a reason. Because you are the one who can make them come true. So take time and listen. Maybe you, like I, have had downloads in your dreams. This needs time to integrate, to ground, to arrive here on Earth. So, whenever you can, go out into nature, go into silence and/or meditation. So that what you have received can come into life through you.

It´s time to co-create

How I perceive it, one important thing has changed: In the old times, many of us thought we had to bring forth our vision all alone (which weighed pretty heavy on our shoulders) and had to see and set up the form upfront. Some of us may also have had some kind of competition feeling going on (like: this is MY vision!) which led to shutting down, hiding, not being open to feedback, or being afraid of somebody "stealing" it. (Which mostly derived from a subconscious feeling of "I am not enough".)

Luckily, these times are over now! It´s time to co-create! It´s time to become visible, show the world what you believe in, open up to receiving feedback, to co-create and let your vision grow with the support of other like-hearted souls. I believe that our minds can´t even imagine what we will create all together. So let´s be excited and amazed by how things will show up and work out!

Let´s support each other and create Heaven on Earth together!

I love you!


Cornelia Victoria

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